Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Queensland Boat Transport?
Queensland Boat Transport is Owned and operated by Aaron and Hazel Doyle.
Aaron has over 27 years experience in all facets of the transport industry.

How big a boat can you carry?
Queensland Boat Transports custom built airbag suspension trailer can carry a vessel up to 43ft long and up to 10 tonne.

Do you have insurance?
Queensland Boat Transport supplies Marine Transit Insurance of up to $250,000

Who takes charge of my boat for transport?
Queensland Boat Transport is owner operated.  This means Aaron (The Owner) oversees the loading, securing and driving of the truck that transports your boat.

Do you do back loading rates?
Queensland Boat Transport will backload and pass the saving on to their customers at every opportunity.

How far in advance do I need to book?
Queensland Boat Transport is a highly preferred company, so the more notice the better albeit we normally need about 1.5 to 2 weeks notice.

What are the payment methods?
Queensland Boat Transport will invoice you with details for electronic payment transfers which consist of 50% deposit and the remaining to be paid in full on completion of transport.